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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Savings for the Seniors

Effective Ways of Making Your Home An Asset 

Home improvements are exciting and bring a new life to your house. Even the best homes start to feel boring…

By Senior Savings , in Savings , at June 21, 2019

Iamfine  - Checkin for loved ones who live alone
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Home improvements are exciting and bring a new life to your house. Even the best homes start to feel boring after some time since you looking at the same floors and walls day in and day out. While many improvements are made to update the look and style of a home, many improvements will also improve the functionality, efficiency, and safety of your house. In several cases, the improvement will add to the value of your home, so over time, you get your investment back. Here are 5 effective ways of making your home an asset in retirement.

Home Improvement
There are different types of home improvement and their impact on value. The three highest percentages are 21% on loft conversion – extra bedroom and en-suite, 15% on extension – large kitchen/family room into the garden area and 12% on extra bedroom by adding floor space for 2 beds to 3 beds. There are many other types of improvement that lead to smaller increases in value, such as a new parking space or double glazing. These kinds of extensions allow homeowners to get a good return on their investment.  Aesthetic Upgrade  Aesthetic upgrades are a great way to boost value because they are often high impact. Aesthetic changes are often less expensive investments for you too, so the disparity between what you pay and what you recoup is greater.

Security Upgrade
A security alarm is another great notification system, and it can not only protect you and your family while you are home, but it can also protect your home and belongings when you are away. Many security systems send direct notification to the police and fire departments, so as soon as the alarm sounds, the officials are on their way. Should an intruder try to burglarize your home while you are in it, the alarm can alert you to impending danger, so you are prepared to defend yourself. Most often though, alarms work as deterrents for burglars, so just having a system lessens your risk of burglary.

Backup heating 
Installing a backup heating source is an excellent way to add value to your home. You can build a fireplace in your home or install a wood or pellet burning stove. By doing so, your home will have heat even if your furnace breaks down. Besides, these choices make your home more energy-efficient by cutting down on the energy you use from a central source.

Finally, these choices also add ambiance and comfort to a home.  Energy Efficient Upgrade  Making upgrades to your home that are improving the energy efficiency of your home will make it very attractive. It will also enhance your way of living because you will be saving money almost instantly. Depending on the improvements, your home may also be more comfortable. If you install higher grade windows or more insulation, your home’s temperature will be easier to control, and you will pay less money in energy costs.   Last but not least, consider upgrading your lawn. Boosting the curb appeal of your home is a great way to enhance its value. A simple trimming of trees or adding flower beds can make the yard more attractive, which will improve the exterior of the front yard and back yard.


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