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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Top 10 Retirement Places In Greece

Are you searching for a nice cool place in Greece to retire peacefully and comfortably? Well, search no more. With…

By Senior Savings , in Savings , at July 3, 2019

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Are you searching for a nice cool place in Greece to retire peacefully and comfortably? Well, search no more. With the Top 10 Retirement Places In Greece you will see some of the best sites Greece has to offer.

Ready to explore?

Without further ado, let’s look below at the top 10 retirement places in Greece.

Top 10 Retirement Places In Greece

  1. Rhodes Island 
    Rhodes Island tops the list of the top 10 places in Greece to live there forever. Why is it a popular retirement place in Greece? Well, it has relatively cheap apartments. Besides, food is affordable in this island. The tranquil atmosphere in larger parts of this beautiful island makes it stand out as a favorite retirement destination for many people.
  2. Naxos Island 
    Naxos Island is another cool island for you to retire comfortably. It’s located in South Aegean, Greece. Naxos Island is well known for its fertile landscape and ancient ruins. To add flair to its beauty, Naxos Island has several nice beaches which you will definitely enjoy. The most popular beach here is the Plaka beach that is famous for turquoise waters and eye-catching sunsets. For lovers of beauty and photography, you can consider Naxos Island in your retirement options.
  3. Santorini  
    Santorini Island has been listed in many blogs and publications as the world’s best island to retire and live forever. Just like Rhodes Island, apartments in Santorini are cheap. Besides, there are several affordable restaurants with nice dishes. Perhaps this is the reason why Greeks love Santorini as a cool retirement place.
  4. Crete Island 
    Crete Island is the largest in the whole of Greece. It’s a popular tourist destination. You, therefore, should consider Crete if you love interacting with tourists and enjoy diversity. Crete has several cool places to not only enjoy your vacation but to also retire peacefully. It’s one of the places you should consider to retire and live there comfortably.
  5. Kalamata City
    Kalamata is an amazing city in Peloponnese peninsula. It’s a popular retirement place for you if you love olives. Kalamata is renowned for the Kalamata olives only grown here. Moreover, it’s rich in food supplies, something many people enjoy during their retirement. In addition, Kalamata has several archaeological sites that you will find enticing. The fact that this city isn’t crowded with tourists makes it one of the best places in Greece to retire and live comfortably.
  6. Kefalonia Island 
    Kefalonia Island is one of the best places in Greece to retire comfortably. It’s currently a tourist destination loved by Italians. What does this mean? Since Italians have a penchant for wine, you will get to enjoy the finest wine in the globe during your retirement. You might want to consider Kefalonia in your retirement options.
  7. Rethymno City 
    Rethymno is a small city in Crete that will offer you a peaceful and enjoyable retirement. Food in Rethymno is cheap. What put many people off are the expensive apartments. Rethymno, however, offers you a calm atmosphere as you enjoy your retirement, but this is probably why many people love to live in Rethymno forever.
  8. Kerkyra Island 
    Kerkyra Island, also called the Island of Corfu, is a historical place. If you love to retire and live forever in a historical island known for many successful battles, Corfu gives you an option. The peaceful environment in Corfu adds flair to the already elegant island.
  9. Thessaloniki 
    Want to retire in the second-largest city in Greece? Thessaloniki offers you that option. This city is known for embracing the beautiful Greece culture. Thessaloniki is a famous tourist destination. For those who love diversity, there you go.
  10. Athens 
    Athens is the capital city of Greece. Historically, it’s the most outstanding city in Greece. In February 2017, Athens was named by Forbes Magazine as the best retirement place. Why the best? Its relatively low cost of living makes it stand out. It has a historic downtown with a kind of beauty that knows no bounds. You should consider Athens in your retirement options.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, here are the top 10 Retirement Places In Greece to enjoy your retirement. We pointed out why these places are the best for retirement. It’s prudent that you go for the place that suits your needs.


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