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Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Savings for the Seniors

Travel Discounts for Seniors

If you are retired, you probably have more time to spend with friends and family or see the places you…

By Senior Savings , in Savings , at February 11, 2020

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If you are retired, you probably have more time to spend with friends and family or see the places you have always wanted to visit. But occasionally, retirement can pose seniors with budgetary limitations such as fixed incomes or dwindling savings. In looking for ways to make traveling in your retirement cheap, any discounts and savings can go a very long way! In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about travel discounts for seniors.

But what really is a”senior?”

The answer depends on who you ask. When some companies specify anyone over 50 is senior other say you have to be 62, and others require you to be 65. This is why it is crucial to check the facts on any discount, program, or offer to make sure that you qualify.

Here we have compiled a guide that offers an overview of some of their best savings opportunities for seniors, in addition to some tips on travel insurance.

Senior Discounts For Your Trip

If you’re a Senior, you are qualified for a variety of travel discounts once you start to plan your trip. By taking advantage of these savings, you may have the ability to afford to travel more often! Listed below are a couple of resources you can use to obtain Lots of the best bargains available now:

By going to the website, you can join AARP for about $16 annually. You can take advantage of this many travel benefits offered by this company. Visitors may see more about this on the AARP’s Travel Benefits webpage, including information on travel bargains, travel insurance, and holiday packages.

AARP Travel Center by Expedia: In addition to supplying information on its own site, AARP has also partnered with the online travel platform Expedia. Because of this, both of these organizations may supply you a comprehensive travel search experience. The Travel Center allows users to look for flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and other activities that are eligible for AARP discounts.

Priceline Senior Bargains: The traveling platform Priceline also supplies a senior search function for tracking down special deals. Visitors should have a peek at the Senior Getaways calendar, which shows the dates when mature discounts are offered.

Automobile Rentals: Based on The Senior List, the following car rental firms offer discounts for seniors, Though Some require you to show an AARP card:

Avis, Hertz, along with Alamo: Up to 25 percent off for AARP members.

Budget: Up to 20% off for AARP members, 10 percent off for non-AARP members.

Dollar: Those over 50 will get 10 percent off.

Enterprise: AARP members receive 5 percent off.

National: Up to 30% discount for AARP members.

Amtrak: Passengers aged 62+ may find a 15% discount on most fares.

Greyhound: If you’re over 52, you can get a 5 percent discount on tickets.
Although senior discounts on flights were common in the past, many airlines have ceased offering these special prices. If you can not find a discount on the flight you need, you could attempt to focus on deals for different parts of your journey, like meals or lodging.

Here are a Few airlines which may occasionally have senior rates:

United: This United page explains how passengers 65+ can sometimes access flight discounts. Additionally, it discusses how to make flying more convenient and comfortable, which is particularly helpful if you or your travel companies have been having disabilities or mobility issues.

Southwest Seniors: In accordance with Southwest, the airline has grownup fares for both domestic and global flights. They apply to people aged 65+ and need age verification through a government-issued ID. The Southwest Seniors webpage provides additional information on how to access these special fares.

Delta: Offers older reductions in specific places, but only if you call here to see them.

Hotel Discounts for Seniors

If you are planning to stay in a resort shortly, Be Certain to look into these savings:

Choice Hotel Senior Rates: On this webpage, you can find information on the discounted hotel prices accessible to individuals 60 older. By employing this discount, you’re also eligible for other Choice Hotel apps, for example Choice Privilege and Choice Airline Rewards.

Marriott Senior Discount: A senior discount is available at over 4,000 Marriott resorts. This page shows you the way you can book cheaper prices if you’re at least 62 years old. Rooms booked at the senior rate are also qualified for Marriott Bonvoy points, so you might need to check out this program also.

Best Western Senior Hotel Discounts: You can take advantage of the special rate offered by Best Western, which applies to people who are 55 and older. Certain Best Western hotels will provide extra perks such as a free room upgrade, continental breakfast, early check-inlate or late check-out, so be sure to ask about that if you reserve your space.
Golden Tulip: On this website, you can search for senior deals legitimate at a number of Golden Tulip hotels around the globe. Senior deals are accessible for travelers at least 62 years old.

Cruise Discounts and Information for SeniorsPhoto Credit: Rennett Stowe
Cruises are often all-inclusive, making it relaxing and easy to travel to all those faraway places you have always wanted to see. Cruise travel is available for everyone — even those with decreased mobility, thanks to proposed itineraries, wheelchair-accessible common locations, and actions you can enjoy in your own pace.

For today’s active seniors, in addition, there are lots of chances to participate in many leisure and cultural activities.

Discounts on Cruises for Seniors

Best Price Cruises: Best Price Cruises is a travel platform devoted exclusively to cruises. You are able to look for cruises by destination, cruise line, boat, trip length, and departure date. The site has filters for all kinds of travel rates, including senior prices. You can even choose preferred regions and special cruise lines to observe that the senior discounts available.

Carnival Cruise Bargains for Seniors: By going directly to the website of Carnival Cruise Lines, you can search discounted cruise bookings for travellers at least 55 years old. There is a broad selection of search filters, including destination port, arrival port, length of cruise, kind of rail, and boat.

Grand Circle Cruise Line: If you’re a cruise enthusiast that wants a different sort of cruise encounter, Grand Circle Cruise Line provides trips that are more specialized than those offered by the larger cruise lines. On the organization’s website, you can find small ship cruises and river cruises that take between 25 and 100 passengers. This decreased size suits seniors that desire a quieter cruise experience.

Tip: If you have reserved that exciting experience on the open seas but you’re thinking about how to pack, check out this ultimate guide with a printable cruise packing checklist !

Group Tours for Seniors

Group excursions can give you the chance to discover new things while still having the comfort of a planned itinerary with other travelers. The next tour Businesses focus specifically on the mature market:

Senior tours: On the Seniortours site, you can find a large number of group tours for older travelers throughout the world. You could also review numerous descriptions of tours which go through the hills, sunny shores, wine country, scenic southwest, and more. The site also provides travel news and ideas for seniors.

Grand European Travel: This tour company offers discounts for AARP members, therefore participating seniors may visit the site to learn what the most recent deals are. Despite the title, Grand European Travel also organizes tours in the U.S. and Asia. You may learn more about their excursions on the company’s website, where there is also a variety of travel advice.

Adventures Exotic – Senior Tours: Adventures Abroad provides travel tours composed of little groups of seniors covering 120 distinct countries. On the site, you can see 350 itineraries that contain hiking, culture, and everything in between. To make it easier to pick an itinerary appropriate to your abilities and needs, Adventures Abroad rates each itinerary by the degree of physical activity.

For adventurous types, the following tour Businesses supply trips that are exotic, educational, philanthropic, and highly cultural:

Transitions Abroad — Mature Tours and Travel Programs: Transitions Abroad offers you the opportunity to enjoy exotic vacations and help others as well. Volunteer vacations can last anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. The Transitions Abroad site also has stories written by seniors regarding their volunteer experiences. The site provides you with a lot to consider with intriguing reports of treks in Iceland, Cuba, and India, just to name a few. The website also emphasizes discounted and last minute excursions for fast trip planning also.

Road Scholar: Road Scholar used to be called Elderhostel, and such tours nevertheless cater primarily to elderly travelers. The business offers learning excursions in exotic areas led by seasoned instructors. If you are a lifelong student, you may visit the site and browse through a range of educational and inspirational travel experiences.

Travel Insurance for Seniors

Obtaining reasonably priced travel insurance can become an issue as you get older. Here are some choices if you want to obtain coverage:

Policybazaar — Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: This website lets you hunt for travel insurance that suits your specific needs. Additionally, it supplies advice on what travel insurance policy coverage for seniors usually comprises. Since senior travel insurance may have different terms in contrast to conventional travel insurance, the web site provides advice on which coverage conditions seniors should pay particular attention to.

Here are a couple of miscellaneous programs you may not know about:

ParkRideFlyUSA: It is possible to get a 10% discount airport parking once you utilize your AARP card.

America the Beautiful Senior Pass: If you are a U.S. citizen who is 62 or older, you can purchase this pass in any national park website for $10. The pass can get you into over 2,000 national parks at no cost for your life. There’s an additional $10 fee for processing through the mail or online. Some sites also offer you a 50% discount on matters like swimming pool, camping, particular interpretive services, and boat launching.

Flying Companions: Offers traveling companions to accompany seniors who do not want to travel independently, have flying anxieties, or deal with physical challenges. They pick you up at your home or meet you in your place of departure, providing assistance for everything from checking into baggage claims and much more.

Traveling Apps for Seniors

Everyone enjoys apps nowadays, and seniors are no exception! Both the Android and iOS systems provide a number of easy-to-use apps for travelers. Here would be the most useful ones for tech-savvy seniors:

XE Currency: Easily convert over 180 currencies using updated exchange rate calculations. This app works with no Wi-Fi, which means you may use it without an internet connection. You can even create a live record to keep tabs on spending in your own currency. Additionally, it includes Word Lens, a tool that allows you to interpret a foreign language in seconds just by pointing your phone at it. Available for Windows, Android, and iOS.

FourSquare: Available for Windows, Android, and iOS, this town guide can help you find places to visit, eat, drink, and shop by providing over 60 million local recommendations and reviews from the specialists. It also helps to keep an eye on places you’ve visited and places that you want to go to your next trip.

LiveTrekker: You can produce your very own digital journal working with this program by pinning videos, sound clips, photos, and more to your map wherever you’re. Track all your trips utilizing the integrated GPS, which also measures altitude and speed.

As you can see, there are numerous discounts, programs, programs, and sources of advice for seniors that travel. Because reduction programs change frequently and new ones are being added all the time, constantly ask about them if reserving or calling for more information.

It can not hurt to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised! By saving a little here and a good deal there, you may have the ability to afford to travel a whole lot greater than you ever imagined.